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Address (map):
3601 Palmer-Fishhook Rd.
Palmer, AK 99645-8111

About Alaska Wildlife Art


African Mounts (scan down the page to see them all)

We do:



*shoulder mounts

*full body mounts



*antler mounts

*and very-dynamic mounts

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Aardwolf 2-060

adudad mound 2-088

Aoudad 2-088

Black Mamba 2-112

Blue Duiker 2-067

bush babies mount 22-111

Bush Babies 2-111

cape fox moundt 1-061

Cape Fox 2-061

Cape Grysbok mount 2-071

Cape Grysbok 2-71

caracal  mount 2-108

Caracal 2-108

chamois mount 2-097

Chamois 2-097

Civit mount 22-063

Civit 2-063

link to didik mounts

Link to Dikdiks

dwarf water buffalo 2-82

Dwarf Water Buffalo 2-082

eland mount 2-104

Eland 2-104

elephant stools 2-102

Elephant Stools 2-102

hyena mount 2-59

Hyena 2-059

link to Impalla mounts

Link to Impalla mounts

link to kudu mounts

Link to Kudu mounts


link to leopard mounts

Link to Leopard mounts

link to lion mounts

Link to Lion mounts

montjack mount 2=064

Muntjack 2-064

nyala mount 2-096

Nyala 2-096

link to reedbuck mounts

Link to Reedbuck mounts

steenbok moount

Steenbok 3163

serval mount 2-062

Serval 2-062

springbok mount 2-107

Springbok trio 2-107

tahr mount 2-100

Tahr 2-100

warthog mount 2-083

Warthog 2-083



Warthog 3156

zebra mount


















Celebrating 40 years of service



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